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Published on 03 September 2018, 13:30 by Webadmin

VastDB has just been updated to version v1.2!


In this version, we have extended our set of annotated AS event functions to a total of 621 entries. All functions come from published references from PubMed, and, as a new source, we have also included functions derived from linear motifs in the ELM database. The total amount of functions for human almost triplicates the number in our previous release, and the number of functions in mouse is over 200.

Functions v1.2 byspecies.png

Our annotations are not strongly clustered by gene, as many genes only have one annotated function (taking into account all events in the gene). However, we do have three genes (BIN1, SNAP25 and INSR) gather 10 or more functions each.

Functions v1.2 bygene.png

As for individual events, only one event (HsaEX0031843, in the INSR gene) gathers more than 10 functions (13, actually). The majority of events have only one or two functions each.

Functions v1.2 byevent.png

Thank you to all the users that contributed to this new release of functions. If you know a published function for your favourite AS event, remember that we are always looking forward to hearing about new annotations! Fill the form in our submissions section and we will review it for our next release.

Happy VastDBing,

The VastDB team