VastDB v1.3 has been released

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Published on 20 November 2018, 13:30 by Webadmin

VastDB has just been updated to version v1.3!


In this new version, we have further extended our set of annotated AS event functions in 144 entries (to a total of 745). As usual, all functions come from published references from PubMed, and are manually curated.

The total amount of entries per species are as follows:

  • Human: 499 (including 186 experimentally validated ELMs)
  • Mouse: 242
  • Chicken: 4

Each function is also displayed in the orthologous events' pages.

Thank you to all the users that contributed to this new release of functions. If you know a published function for your favourite AS event, remember that we are always looking forward to hearing about new annotations! Fill the form in our submissions section and we will review it for our next release.

Happy VastDBing,

The VastDB team