Kidney_b @ hg19

Group Name
Subgroup Name

SRA Length Read Number Source Info

SRR2064424 51SE 19254252 PMID: 26878238, GEO: GSM1712825 Kidney normal tissue 1 RNAseq
SRR2064425 51SE 15506913 PMID: 26878238, GEO: GSM1712826 Kidney normal tissue 2 RNAseq
SRR2919508 101PE 45053148 PMID: 27816064, GEO: GSE75061 Kidney, 3 years, male, Control-Kidney-RNA
SRR306851 76SE 22493518 PMID: 22012392, GEO: GSM752702 hsa kd F 1
SRR306852 76SE 20684752 PMID: 22012392, GEO: GSM752703 hsa kd M 1
SRR306853 76SE 31386619 PMID: 22012392, GEO: GSM752704 hsa kd M 2
SRR3405450 100PE 8702725 PMID: 27681425, GEO: GSM2127798 Kidney, normal, pool#1 (n=3 donors), pooled male and female
SRR3405451 100PE 29820507 PMID: 27681425, GEO: GSM2127799 Kidney, normal, pool#2 (n=3 donors), pooled male and female
SRR3405452 100PE 14638224 PMID: 27681425, GEO: GSM2127800 Kidney, normal, pool#3 (n=3 donors), pooled male and female