From VastDB

VastDB is a database of Alternative Splicing (AS) profiles across multiple tissue and cell types. VastDB contains AS events (including cassette exons, microexons, alternative 5' and 3' splice sites and retained introns) from various species. AS event identification and sequence inclusion level quantification in RNA-seq samples have been performed with VAST-TOOLS.

In addition to AS inclusion levels, VastDB provides general information about the AS events, including genomic and sequence context, impact on the reading frame, overlap with protein domains and disordered regions, mapping to protein structures, evolutionary conservation and primers for AS event validation through RT-PCR. Moreover, it also provides measures of Gene Expression, using the cRPKM metric.

If you see an AS event that you find inconsistent, or you have any questions, comments or suggestions about the database, please do not hesitate to e-mail us to vastdb@googlegroups.com.