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Published on 23 December 2021, 13:30 by Webadmin

VastDB has just been updated with new Event Annotations to version v11!


This is the second largest batch of new annotations released so far based on publications. With this release, we have covered all the previous work we are aware of, but we are sure we are still missing quite a few!

In this new version, we have further extended our set of annotated AS event functions in 600 entries from many articles. These add to a total of 3637 entries so far directly from peer-reviewed publications, 397 from CRISPR screens and 1511 from experimentally validated ELMs.

The total amount of entries per species are as follows:

  • Human: 2191 (+1250 experimentally validated ELMs and 397 exons from CRISPR screens)
  • Mouse: 1210 (+190 experimentally validated ELMs)
  • Cow: 129 (+15 experimentally validated ELMs)
  • Chicken: 27 (+8 experimentally validated ELMs)
  • Zebrafish: 18 (+4 experimentally validated ELMs)
  • Drosophila: 68 (+44 experimentally validated ELMs)

VastDB functions release v11.png

Each function is also displayed in the orthologous events' pages.

Moreover, we release 18 entries for Arabidopsis in PastDB (

Thank you to all the users that contributed to this new release of annotations. If you know any publications assessing the functions, properties or effects of any specific AS event, remember that we are always looking forward to hearing about new annotations! Fill the form in our submissions section and we will review it for our next release.

Happy VastDBing,

The VastDB team

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