Major VastDB release and update

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Published on 21 December 2020, 18:30 by Webadmin

This is a major release and update of VastDB with multiple new features:

  • Importantly, VastDB now includes ALL events from vast-tools. Simply type the eventID in the search box.
  • Update of functions of events. Now there are 2010 entries for all species from individual references, 410 from CRISPR screens, and 1523 from experimentally validated ELMs.
  • Other features:
    • New domain overlap plots and Ensembl isoform mapping and links.
Screeshot DomainPlots.png
    • Updated gene and exon homology relationships.
    • Updated protein impact predictions (v3).
    • Dedicated UCSC browser with current and future species (
    • Update FAQ and Downloads sections.
    • Other improved displays.

Happy VastDBing,

The VastDB team

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